The Young Security Conference (YSC) is an independent, intergenerational, and inclusive project.

Its main objective is to connect young thinkers with policy experts and leading scholars in the field of European foreign and security policy.

The YSC combines an annual flagship conference with a strategic fellowship programme.

We strive to be a voice in contemporary debates about the future of peace in Europe and around the globe. We firmly believe that the long-term success of the European Union depends on public support, particularly in foreign and security policy. We focus on the challenges of the West in the context of a complex global environment: How can the European Union be more autonomous as a global force for good in this world?                                                                                                                                                      

We consider the Franco-German relationship, as well as the transatlantic partnership, as two essential dimensions along which we shape our debates. We are convinced that Europe’s diversity and its humanistic values are at the core of its identity. Therefore, it is important to include this diversity in the process of shaping the EU’s political design. We offer you the opportunity to lead and carry these multifaceted debates forward, with the goal to provide concrete proposals to address Europe’s most urgent challenges and to contribute to building its future.


What makes us unique?

We are independent. We are neither affiliated with any political party, nor with any major institution. Our partners have no influence on our agenda-setting, conference line-ups, or memberships. 

We are intergenerational. We offer young professionals with diverse backgrounds a forum to exchange ideas with experienced experts and academics. Our members and fellows come from the fields of political science, international relations, public policy, psychology, or history – amongst others. We want to connect the ambitions of the younger generation with the experience of the more senior generations!

We are inclusive. You are welcome at our conference, and we appreciate your voice no matter where you come from and who you are. Your motivation and passion are all that count. We are not sitting in a high castle but are right there with you to work towards the changes we all want to see in European security and defense.